Which hero are you?

You can choose a Perk Hero character that represents your inner hero




Discover Places

Show your love to the businesses in your area by ordering or paying at your favourite Perk Hero Location.

Earn Rewards

Earn redeemable coins every time you pay or order something at any Perk Hero location. Get the big coin bonus when you keep going back.

Complete Quests

Every hero needs a mission, or two… or three… Complete quests to earn experience points (XP) so you can level up!

Order & Earn

Pre-order and pick up that special something for your hero self.

Check-in & Perk

Not at a Perk Hero location? Not a problem. Check-in, snap your receipt and collect XP!

Level Up

Earn experience points (XP) when you pay and complete quests. The more experienced hero gets more rewards every time they pay.

Perk Hero for your business

Perk Hero uses gamification to provide customers a unique loyalty experience. Tailor quests for your customers that reward them for their engagement and spending.

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