$1 / $5 / $10 Deal

Terms and Conditions

Perk Hero Software Inc. (“Perk Hero”)
Last Updated: July 30, 2020


To be eligible for the $1 / $5 / $10 deal with Perk Hero, users must:

  1. Download the Perk Hero App.
  2. Select the participating location through the $1 deal section, the $5 deal section, or the $10 deal section.
  3. Order for pick-up.

This promotion will be valid between August 7th, 2020 at 12:00 PM and end at 11:59 PM on August 23rd, 2020. All times in the promotion refer to Pacific Standard Time (“PST”).

This promotion is valid for one (1) unit or “deal” per location without any modifications or substitutions per valid Perk Hero account. Payments must be received before 11:59 PM PST on August 23rd, 2020 to be eligible for the promotion.


The $1 / $5 / $10 Deals can only be redeemed and paid through a Perk Hero account. No prior purchases are necessary to redeem this deal. Users who wish to redeem the deal must also have a valid personal phone number and email address associated with their Perk Hero account. Users can redeem deals at multiple locations, but are limited to one item per participating location per account.


3.1 The deal shall be accepted as is and may not be exchanged for an amount of money, nor sold, nor transferred. No substitutions will be allowed. All federal, provincial and municipal taxes due are the sole responsibility of the user.

3.2 This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

3.3 Perk Hero has the right to extend the promotion period if required.

3.4 Perk Hero will not be held responsible for the promotion not properly received for any reason, whether or not caused by the company.

3.5 Perk Hero reserves the right to terminate or change the promotion or any or all of specifications of the promotion at any time without notice.

3.6 If the deal cannot be awarded as described in these rules, Perk Hero and its affiliated companies and agents, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, reserve the right to substitute the eligible item with another of comparable value.

3.7 Perk Hero and its affiliated companies and agents, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, shall assume no liability resulting from losses, delays, mistaken addresses on mail or email received, typographical errors, technical, computer or telephone malfunctions, loss or theft of computer or telephone data, damage to software or computer equipment, fraudulent calls or any other mistake.

3.8 By signing up for the Perk Hero app, users agree to the stated rules of the deal, which shall be applied by Perk Hero. 

3.9 If for any reason this promotion is not capable of running as planned, due to any cause beyond the control of Perk Hero, the promotion may be abandoned or postponed at the unfettered discretion of Perk Hero. Perk Hero accepts no responsibility for such an event.

Your privacy is important to us. The details you provide will be held confidentially by Perk Hero, and only Perk Hero has access to this information.