Perk Hero is changing the way people shop and pay for things.

Perk Hero is the place where you can find exclusive offers and rewards on unique high-quality products and services that you can’t find anywhere else.

We are constantly updating our marketplace with new high-quality items from our trusted-partners that we know our customers will love. We select products based on insights into our customers’ preferences. Our customers are rewarded for their loyalty: the more they use our platform, the better the rewards get.

We also support our trusted-partner sellers with mobile tools to help grow their businesses and better serve their customers.

Who we are and how to join us

Founded in 2015, we are a Canadian-based company on a mission to make shopping experiences more engaging, convenient and rewarding.

We have a unique rewards platform that supports online and offline businesses with mobile ordering, contactless payments, and cashback rewards.

Our leadership team includes experts in technology, mobile payments and commerce.

Our trusted-partner sellers include innovative and award winning entrepreneurs and artisans.

Careers at Perk Hero offer an opportunity to reach the highest peaks of individual and team achievement.