Careers at Perk Hero

At Perk Hero, we value our community and the diverse individuals within it. As a Vancouver-based company, our mission is to walk the talk by supporting local in every way we can. This is embodied in the businesses we partner with and the people we hire.

We’ve set ourselves apart by combining gamified digital loyalty (“coins”) with mobile pre-ordering, payments, and a database of our favourite independent retailers and restaurants. The rewards keep our customers engaged  while our low rates help support our partnered locations.

people in a work meeting

Image by: Brooke Cagle
As a startup, things are always changing quickly – it keeps things interesting! 

We welcome collaboration opportunities with open arms:

  • Ideas are shared and discussed between all levels of the company, and junior employees even have regular chats with our CEO! If you’re looking to make an impact, it can be done at Perk Hero.
  • We work directly with our partnered businesses  on promotional opportunities every day to ensure their success on our platform
We are looking for vivacious individuals who embrace a dynamic, ever-changing work environment to join our highly-motivated team. If this is you, please apply to Perk Hero!

Please browse our current available positions below:

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