Master of brown sugar drinks.

Yaletown (Vancouver)
Granville (Vancouver) 
Kingsway (Burnaby)


The Jenjudan journey began in Taipei, with a simple idea of providing bubble tea lovers a healthier alternative. The world’s famous Brown Sugar Pearl Milk (aka brown sugar boba milk) using Taiwanese indigenous natural brown sugar and fresh dairy milk was born in the little test kitchen of Jenjudan and had since created a phenomenal wave that swept across continents since 2010.

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Crowd Favourites

Cold Passionfruit Green Tea with Pearls

Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls

“The flavor was great, tea taste was strong, and the pearls were yet again amazing. Love to see that the quality between stores are the same and that the staff are just as friendly as the other store. Will be back!”

– Google Customer Review