Drive online and offline sales to your business

Attract new customers and increase spend from loyal customers with our all-in-one mobile ordering, contactless payments, rewards & loyalty platform.

Acquire new high-value customers and increase recurring revenue from loyal customers

Use Perk Hero’s digital marketing platform to attract new customers. Perk Hero rewards customers with redeemable cashback rewards for every dollar spent and enables you to target the right customers with personalized marketing offers and promotions.

Identify high-value customers and provide them with ongoing targeted offers to help create habitual behaviors and increase loyalty to your brand.

Create a mobile store and start receiving orders today

Quickly get your business up and running to offer your customers mobile ordering for pick-up and self-managed delivery. Even if you already have an eCommerce website, Perk Hero offers you a new mobile-first channel to acquire and engage high-value customers.

Keep customers and staff safe and link online and offline sales by offering contactless mobile payments

Keep your customers and staff safe by offering the best contactless payment experience.  Customers can pay at the point of sale by scanning a QR code from a safe physical distance.  For restaurants, guests can review and pay the bill at their table, allowing guests and staff to keep a safe physical distance. Offer high-value customers purchasing in-store special personalized offers through email marketing and push notifications.

It’s easy to partner with Perk Hero and set up your account

Just download the Perk Hero app and tap “Become a Merchant” on the home screen in the app. Within a few minutes, you can easily complete your profile your business can be ready to start receiving mobile orders and delighting your customers with contactless payment.

Be discovered by new customers

Once on Perk Hero, your business will be listed on our app. Anybody with the Perk Hero app will be able to discover your business.

See insight into
your business

Access your business dashboard straight from the Perk Hero app to see how business is going!

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Get your own branded app powered by Perk Hero

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