2 PACK Collapsible Bubble Tea Straws


Collapsible boba straw – Food grade 304 stainless steel straw wide enough to fit pearls and other bubble tea toppings. It’s also the perfect size for smoothies and milkshakes.


Comes with:


  1. Telescopic bubble tea straw with slant-cut tip and adjustable length
  2. Straw cleaning brush with adjustable length
  3. Aluminum case with keychain ring



– Fully extended: 23.3cm

– Smallest: 10.8cm


The length is adjustable to fit a variety of cup sizes. The slant-cut tip allows you to pierce the film of take-out bubble tea drinks.


All parts BPA-free.


Please wash all parts with soap and water and use the included straw cleaner before first use. Allow to dry before storing again in the carry case.


We proudly ship in paper packaging ONLY. No bubble wrap, no plastic packaging, no excess. Enjoy waste-free bubble tea with @reusablebbtcup!