[Mise En Scene] Hello Bubble Foam Color 7K Ash Khaki

$25.20 $15.04

  • With Secret Magic Ampoule to reduce the damage to hair.
  • You can easily dye your hair with its multiple bubbles without any stains
  • According to the condition and the color of an individual’s hair can be represented by different colors
  • Self dyeing at home without giving damage to hair.
  • Pleasant dyed shampoo with sweet floral fragrance.


A hair dye that even novice home-dye enthusiasts can use. Due to the foam style, it can be easily massaged into the hair evenly, allowing for evenly coloured hair. The dye is ammonia free and also contains ingredients to help conserve hair shine and strength, helping to keep the texture smooth after use. One box of dye is recommended for shoulder length hair. More than one box is recommended for longer lengths. Instructions: Pour both packets into the container, and gently shake it from side until the colour inside the container starts changing. It should take about 1-2 minutes. Place a few pumps of the foam into your hand and massage into the hair. Start from the midsection going downwards before going to the scalp. Wash after 30-40 minutes depending on hair thickness. Throw out the remaining dye when finished.