Shungite & Granite Harmonizer – Healing Stone for Meditation and Chakra Healing

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Shungite harmonizers are known to be a very efficient tool in meditation, spiritual healing, reiki and chakra healing.

It is also known to help maintain the balance of energy flows, normalize all the processes in human body and achieve harmony.

Feel grounded yet energized after 5-10 min of using the harmonizers.



1) Place both your hands on your knees, with the harmonizers parallel to each other.
2) Close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations and energy within your body.

Start with only a couple of a minutes a day and, gradually move your way up from there (10 – 15 minutes).

You will feel energized and in harmony. Effects can last up to two days.

One shungite harmonizer handmade from tier iii shungite
One harmonizer with lighter color is granite