Swirled painted hexagonal succulent planter


Planter Dimensions:
Height: 5.5 cm (2.2″)
Outside Diameter: 11 cm (4.3″)
Opening Diameter: 7 cm (2.75″)
Weight: 200 gr


Handmade hexagon succulent planter made of concrete and finished with swirled technique. The base color of the pot is lavender. This pot works best for most medium sized indoor plants.

Recommended plant size is 4″ for this pot. This pot has a wide opening which can fit big plants such as echeveria, string of pearls, and other indoor plants. This planter has a drainage hole.

This is a special edition with beautiful color combination and pattern. Pattern could bit a little bit different from the photos as swirling pots create random pattern on the pot. Colors stay the same as similar enamel paints will be used.