The ’72 Deluxe Colorblock Waffle Knit Handmade Wool Dog Sweater

$65.00 $55.25

This Slate Blue, Mustard and Cream Combo is Push-bikes in the Suburbs or Pick-Up Trucks and Wrangler Jeans–The ’72 Deluxe Colorblock Sweater Triggers all those vintage vibes.




Made in Canada 🍁

Heavy-Weight Wool Blend

The forever favorite Cushy Colorblock Collection owes a nod to Vintage LL Bean and good ol’ days color blocking that invokes memories of wholesome suburban scenes and nostalgic family camping trips. The thermal knit stands up to the elements and will protect your pal during any outdoor adventure, even if it’s just a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Machine Wash/Dry

For Smaller Sizes please see the Bit O’ Milk & Honey Small Dog/Cat Sweater

Made to Order; please note any special concerns or minor size adjustments when ordering-I can usually make small changes to accommodate your pets needs at no additional cost.

Machine Wash/Dry

Please indicate if you would like a Harness Port. Many Colorblocks usually include one unless otherwise specified. This means, some ready to ship stock may not have a harness port, but your order will be made accordingly if one is requested or declined.  If it doesnt matter, take the gamble 😉