Unpaper Towel – Transportation – 6 Piece Set


Ditch single use paper towels and napkins!

Our unpaper towels are a sustainable, reusable, eco friendly alternative.

Feel good about reducing the paper waste in your daily life!


11.5” X 10” / 29cm X 25cm

100% Cotton Flannel Fabric, Thread, LOTS OF LOVE ❤
All towels are single ply

Great for eating napkins, cloths, dusting, wiping spills, kids lunches, face cloths and wipes and more

Suggested Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, no chlorine bleach, hang to dry or tumble dry low.
Fabric has not been prewashed. We recommend washing before use.
Expect some shrinkage if heat is applied through washing or drying.

Absorbency and softness will increase after washes

When your unpaper towels have come to the end of their life, cut them up into small strips and put it into your compost.

Each unpaper towel is hand cut, serged and sewed.
Therefore, measurements are approximate and variations can occur.